EJPRO Training tips - Uneven Body Parts

EJPRO Training tips - Uneven Body Parts

This is a very common thing, We are not symmetrical, and most of us tend to have some tired muscles due to posture or general habits. This can cause muscle tissue to develop less as its harder to get it to fire. I am often asked to help people train to avoid unevenness, so here is what I advise - Scitec Nutrition athlete Emi Roberti.

1. Muscle to mind connection

So for example, one bicep/tricep/leg or lat happens to be stronger or more defined. We must improve the neuron connection to that muscle, so before training start by flexing/tensin and squeezing the lazy part to bring some blood to it. See you can get to response as well as the good side just with no weight.

2. Mark the set in your mind to think about the weaker side

This means when executing the exercises in your mind, keep thinking about the weaker side and slow the reps down, hold tension, and release muscle slowly. This will allow more control on the rep

3 Run one or Two isometric sets at the end of the workout

This means for example if its a bicep, grab a dumbbell and perform 1 rep and hold the tension for 15 to 20 secs, for 2 times. Do not overdo this or you will overdo muscle, overworking it means you will then carry an over deficit on the right side over time

4. Video the set

Film exercise from different angles to have a look at your own form, then get it checked again by your coach so we can understand what muscles are pulling to assist the rep and stopping the target muscle from firing 100%

5. Drop the weight, slow the eccentric movement and perform the following:

  • Unilateral move
  • Isolateral move
  • Bi lateral move

Some upper body exercises which can address imbalances: