12 Exercises For Training With Your Partner

12 Exercises For Training With Your Partner

Training with a partner can be an excellent way to improve your workout routine and performance.

Your partner is there to help keep you motivated and create another level of competition. Your partner is rooting for you and pushing you to do your best at all times. You have another set of eyes on your performance which means you’ll want to perform as well as possible.

These are motivational benefits that are hard to tap into when you’re working out on your own. If you want to bail on the gym tomorrow, you can justify it all you want to yourself. It becomes much harder to justify to your Partner, and suddenly your well thought-out excuses aren’t so brilliant.

Which is exactly what you need.

Another huge perk of training with your partner is that you’ll both have access into a whole whack of new exercises that require 2 participants. It’s a great way to switch up your routine and put a new spin on classic exercises.

Who doesn’t love to do a Wheelbarrow?

Exercises For Two

We’ve laid out 12 great exercises for working out with your Partner.

Because you and your Partner may have different sizes, weights or variations in fitness level, you may need to work up to some exercises. For instance, the Plank Push up requires more strength on the Partner in the plank position than the Partner doing the Incline Push Up. Instead of holding their own body weight, they are also holding yours.

Build a workout that works for you and your partner out of the following exercises.

Once you’ve mastered your workout and improved your strength, add in the exercises that were previously too difficult.

  1. Choose 8 exercises - try for 2 from each category
  2. Create a circuit by doing each exercises in a row, for 1 - 2 minutes or required reps.
  3. Repeat the circuit 2 - 3 times

With Equipment

Two people performing medicine ball crunch

Resistance Bands

When you’re working out with a resistance band and a Partner - or ever, it’s imperative you both pay attention! No-one wants a resistance band snapping and slapping.

Both Partners need to make sure they have a tight grip on the band at all times.

Resistance Run

  1. Partner 1 places the resistance band around their waist and faces away from Partner 2
  2. Holding the ends of the band, Partner 2 assumes a squat position - hips back, knees bent, weight on heels, arms extended fully forward
  3. Partner 1 runs against the resistance band for 1 minute, whilst Partner 2 holds the bands taught in squat position
  4. Switch positions

Tricep Kickbacks

  1. Partner 1 and 2 stand facing each other a few feet apart, knees slightly bent and core engaged
  2. Each Partner holds one end of the resistance band in one hand, mirror image to the other
  3. Bend the arm at a 90 degree angle, keeping it close to the waist, keeping a slight tension in the band
  4. At the same time, both Partners pull their arm straight down and back and until fully extended, and the resistance is on your tricep muscle.
  5. Keep arm as close to your body as possible when extending and returning to the original position
  6. Return slowly to the right angle position
  7. Repeat 6 - 8 times and switch sides.

Resistance Chest Press

  1. Partner 1 stands facing away from Partner 2, and holding the ends of a resistance band with the loop hanging behind
  2. Partner 2 holds the centre of the loop behind Partner 1, and steps back until the band is taught
  3. Partner 1 extends arms straight out from shoulders, bends elbows until at a right degree angle, parallel to the ground, in the same position as you would with a bench press
  4. Partner 1 extends one leg forward in a slight lunge for stability and presses arms forward until completely extended from shoulders
  5. Slowly return to starting position and repeat 6-8 times
  6. Switch positions

Medicine Balls

When you’re working out with a medicine ball and a Partner, it’s imperative you both pay attention! No-one wants a medicine ball toss to the face.

Make eye contact with your partner before you toss a medicine ball, so you know they are ready to catch.

Medicine Ball Toss

  1. Partners stand facing each other about 8 steps apart
  2. Partner 1 performs lunge forward and tosses the ball to Partner 2 as the lunge is completed
  3. Partner 1 returns to starting position prepared to catch the ball, and Partner 2 performs the lunge and tosses the ball
  4. Toss back and forth, performing the lunges for 1 - 2 minutes

Crunch and Toss

  1. Sit on the ground in a crunch position, across from your Partner, close enough to touch toes.
  2. Partner 1 holds medicine ball and tosses it to Partner 2
  3. Both Partners lean back as the medicine ball is tossed and caught, performing the down half of a crunch.
  4. Both Partners performing the upward half of the crunch
  5. Partner 2 tosses the ball back to Partner 1 and they perform the crunch again
  6. Toss the ball back and forth as you raise from your crunches, for 1 - 2 minutes

Russian Twist

  1. Sit beside your Partner in un upright crunch position
  2. Engage your cores tightly
  3. Feet can rest on the floor - or for a harder go, keep your feet elevated above the ground
  4. Partner 1 hold the medicine ball and twists away from their Partner, tapping near to the ground on your side,
  5. Partner 1 twists back, passing the ball to Partner 2
  6. Partner 2 performs the twist and passes the ball back to Partner 1
  7. Pass the ball back and forth, performing the twists for 1 - 2 minutes


Two people preforming plank incline push up exercise


Reach and Tap

  1. Both Partners assume a plank position - head to head, facing each other
  2. Partner 1 raises left arm and taps Partner 2’s right shoulder, while Partner 2 raises left arm and taps Partner 1’s right shoulder.
  3. Keep alternating arms and tapping for 1 -2 minutes

Plank Incline Push Up

  1. Partner 1 assumes plank position
  2. Partner 2 stands in front and facing Partner 1, and lowers into a push up position on Partner 1’s shoulders.
  3. Partner 2 steadily pushes off of Partner 1’s shoulders, completing a push up
  4. Partner 1 holds the plank while Partner 2 does push ups for 1 minute
  5. Switch positions and repeat

Plank Wheelbarrow

  1. Partner 1 assumes a plank position
  2. Partner 2 stands behind Partner 1’s feet and takes hold of their ankles
  3. Partner 1 raises the legs until Partner 2’s body is straight - butt in line with shoulder and no hump in the back.
  4. Partner 1, begins walking forward using their arms - arms should be straight and not bent, core engaged for 1 minute
  5. Switch positions and repeat

Jumps & Claps

Squat Jump and Clap

  1. Both Partners stand side by side facing forward.
  2. At the same time, both partners descend into a squat with arms straight out in front
  3. Pushing up off the heels, jump as high as possible while bringing your arms straight up over your head
  4. At the height of the jump, both Partners clap using their inside hands (closest together)
  5. After completing the jump, continue to squat, jump, and clap for 1 - 2 minutes

Plank Jump

  1. Partner 1 assumes plank position and holds
  2. Partner 2 stands beside Partner 1 ‘s calves and jumps from one side of Partner 1 to the other
  3. Partner 1 holds the plank while Partner 2 jumps for 1 minute
  4. Switch positions and repeat

Clap Sit Ups

  1. Sit down on the ground facing your Partner with legs in front, knees bent and feet on the floor
  2. Both Partners interlock their feet together for stability
  3. Both Partners lower their backs on the ground while keep their knees bent and feet interlocked
  4. At the same time, both Partners engage cores, raise back up into sitting position and clap hands with each other
  5. Complete sit ups and claps for 1 - 2 minutes