Victoria Mandi

Victoria Mandi
Name Victoria Mandi
Age 29
Location Norwich

Short BIO

I work as a Women's Transformation Coach, offering my services in person and online. I used to compete in the bikini category across various federations such as; UKBFF, Pure Elite and Miami Pro, I am hoping that I can grow into a trained Bikini of PCA, in 2019.

As well as coaching and my own training I also do CrossFit and put a big emphasis on working on mobility. I love being strong and learning new skills, these include gymnastics and CrossFit, however equally like to push my endurance to run 5 or 10k (anything which means I could survive a potential zombie apocalypse).

My main passion is always to teach women about the importance of a balanced fitness lifestyle, achieved through training and dieting, in a way which fits their specific needs. I want to help women realise that focusing on being capable of doing things means so much more than aiming for specific looks. I find often this then results in actually getting them to those goals as well and in a way that is much happier and healthier.

I love to explore people's mindset and work through all the things that have been stopping them in the past - what you think is what you become - kind of thing On my social I media post tips and tricks looking at mobility and the workouts I love and diet.

Favourite products

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Favourite Exercises

Barbell Hip Thrust


Front Squat


Competition Results

FMC Pro Status

2brospro Bodybuilding Master Champion Weider Cup (UK)

2brospro Bodybuilding U90 3rd Place

IFBB World Finalist Romania

IFBB Arnold Class Spain, Barcelona 3rd U70kg BB

IFBB European Finalist in Spain

Double National Master UK Champion

Scottish Master Champion