Sheona Lindsay

Sheona Lindsay
Name  Sheona Lindsay
Age 26
Location  Edinburgh

Short BIO

Professional Background

With respect to formal education in the field of exercise and health, in 2014 I completed a four-year Honors Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Science with a focus on sports and musculoskeletal injury and rehabilitation. The formal education attained in this degree provided me with a necessary foundation in applied human movement and functional anatomy and heightened my interest in the applied sciences to exercise and sport. To compliment my degree, I completed formal training in sports massage and acquired UK certification as a Registered Sports Massage Therapist.

Personal Interests in Health & Fitness

Among several areas of health and fitness, I hold a strong interest in the applied sciences and anatomy to exercise. Specifically, I am interested in how we can use scientific research in the field of exercise to help our clients maximize their performance in the gym and ultimately achieve their goals faster. Similarly, I am interested in the bodybuilding industry having competed for over 4 years. I have participated in numerous federations such as WBFF, Miami Pro and UKDFBA where I won the 2018 Scottish figure title.

What Does Living a Healthy Lifestyle Mean to Me?

Living a healthy lifestyle for me means taking ownership over the dozens of choices we make every day to integrate a healthy practice. As a pre-requisite to a healthy practice, I feel it is imperative for each individual to take responsibility for accurately educating themselves about the dimensions of health and considerations therein. These considerations include educating about foods that enrich as well as destroy our health. Also, learning about exercise and the importance of building a proper foundation in the performance of resistance exercise. Finally, recognising that true health encompasses the management of lifestyle elements such as stress, sleep and general, everyday movement.

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Favourite Exercises

Bulgarian Split Squats

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Dumbbell Chest Press

Lat Pulldown

Competition Results

2018 Caledonian Classic Figure Champion