Meg Brettell

Meg Brettell
Name Meg Brettell
Age 28
Location Glasgow

Short BIO

I have been heavily involved in the health and fitness industry nearly my whole life. With an 18-year dance background both in teaching and competing, I then pursued my career as a personal trainer 6 years ago. Since starting my career in fitness, I have competed in 12 bikini contest and was British Bikini champion 2016.

My clients thrive off my natural enthusiasm to exercise! I specialise in bikini competition prep and resistance training for women as this is where my passion and expertise lies. Although I am a very successful one to one personal trainer, I also have my own online coaching business, bikini training team and online training plans which are tailored for those individuals who I can’t train face to face. This has been a great way for my clients to get the most out of their training and work with me from all over the world, with many of my bikini training team placing high in competitions.

Favourite products

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Favourite Exercises

Hip Thrusts

T-bar Row

Sumo Deadlift

Arnold Press

Straight Leg Deadlifts (Landmine)

Competition Results

2014 - 2x 3rd UKBFF Bikini

2014 - 1st UKDFBA British Bikini

2015 - 3rd WBFF Bikini Denmark

2016 - 1st UKDFBA Northern

2016 - 1st British, 2nd International WNBF + UKDFBA

2018 - 3rd International UKDFBA