Kyle Green

Kyle Green
Name  Kyle Green
Age 26
Location  Leeds

My name is Kyle Green and I am a personal trainer, online and competition prep coach based in Leeds. My passion for changing lives grows every day whether that is through helping people to undergo a mental or physical transformation. I believe that everyone can achieve whatever they put their mind to as long as they are willing to take action. I have come a long way since starting my own journey and took the necessary actions to set up my own business ‘Kyle Green Fitness’ to pave the way for others who feel like they can’t achieve the seemingly impossible.

Being a Scitec athlete is an honour and the title alone drives me to be the best I can be every day. Being part of the Scitec brand gives me the opportunity to travel across the country for events, meet incredible people and share some of the many amazing Scitec products available. Scitec supplements are part of my daily routine and they fuel me for every challenge I face. I take products that work for my goals and these have no doubt contributed to the bodybuilding successes I have achieved so far. I am a Pro Men’s Physique champion and would not have become one without the support of Scitec Nutrition.

I work with an amazing team of Scitec athletes who share the same values and work ethic to becoming the best at their craft. We teach and inspire each other whether we know it or not and I am an advocate for surrounding yourself with like-minded people in order to better yourself and progress to your own goals. My aim is to inspire people across the world through my work in health, fitness and wellbeing to becoming a better version of themselves each and every day.

I understand what it takes to overcome obstacles after my previous battle with depression and aim to become a role model and inspirational figure for anyone struggling with mental health. Being a Scitec athlete gives me a great platform to reach out to more and more people and I am truly blessed for everything that the brand does for me.

Those who know me will know that I always aim to smile and have a positive impact on everyone I come into contact with because life is too short for negativity.

Favourite products

100% Whey Protein Professional
From £26.39
Jumbo Mass Gainer
From £65.99
Amino Charge
From £17.99 £22.99
Mega Daily One Plus
100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein
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Favourite Exercises


Plyometric Pushup and clap

Overhead Press

Hack Squat

Competition Results

Bodypower Male Muscle Model Winner

x2 Next Fitness Model Overall Champion