Jess Clutterbuck

Jess Clutterbuck
Name  Jess Clutterbuck
Age 29
Location  Cheshire

I started training in the gym 5 years ago, after having an eating disorder (anorexia nervosa) since the age of 19  and never having a healthy relationship with food or my body. I needed to make a change and prioritise my physical and mental health.

When I first started training all I knew was how to use the cardio equipment, I’d never lifted a weight before but to me, it looked so much fun! So I taught myself, and after a year in the gym I realised how passionate I was about health and fitness, I’m now a full-time personal trainer in Congleton Cheshire. As time went on my physique built along with my client base, and year after year I continue to work on my mental and physical health, along with helping others.

My main goal is always to be healthy and happy, to continue to show others how to learn to love themselves and have a good relationship with themselves! I don’t train people to change people, we simply adjust their lifestyle and I can truly say that weight training saved my life and I’m sure it has done so many others.

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Favourite Exercises

Straight leg deadlift 

Dumbbell shoulder press

Cable fly 

Walking lunges 


Competition Results

HFE Gym Instructor Certificate CYQ Level 2