Hannah Rees

Hannah Rees
Name  Hannah Rees
Age 29
Location  Fulham, London

I am a Bikini-Fitness World Champion, Body & Life Coach, British TV Presenter and Speaker. I have been a Scitec Nutrition athlete for 2 years and I am a well-known expert in the industry in all things health and wellbeing. Following my successful time competing in bikini fitness, where I took several world champion titles across different federations internationally, I then further developed my business working as a personal trainer and confidence coach.

As an expert trainer, diet & nutrition advisor and mindset coach, I work as a personal trainer offering one-to-one and online tailored plans to help clients alter their lifestyle to live a healthy and happier life. Based in a local gym in Fulham, I work with people from all walks of life, including many high-profile clients such as royals and celebrities. “Expressions by Hannah Rees” is my posing and confidence business for both male and female competitors. Here I took my experience of competing and married it with the skills I gained as a mindset coach and as a professional dancer and dance teacher to help both amateur and professional competitors prepare for the stage!

I learnt the importance of taking care of the body and mind following the time I spent competing in Bikini Fitness and I specialise in several different areas within Health and Wellbeing: Personal Training, Nutrition and Mental Health Coaching- conditioning the body and the mind. Here I promote the importance of looking, feeling and being healthy LONGTERM.

More recently, I have become particularly invested in promoting, developing and maintaining good mental health, with a background in professional coaching, mentoring and cognitive behavioural therapy.  I have used these skills in my recent venture into the corporate world – giving talks, speeches and advice on the importance of health and wellbeing- including wellbeing in the workplace, boosting work productivity, movement, nutrition and mind-space.

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Favourite Exercises

Leaning Lateral Raises

Arnold Shoulder Press.

Hamstring Curl

Dumbbell Deadlift

Cable Pull Through (For Glutes and Hammys)

Competition Results

Miss Atlas Global Body Building Organisation Bikini Pro World Champion

UK Ultimate Physiques Bikini World Champion (Overall Female)

UKUP Pro Bikini Athlete

Pure Elite Bikini Pro Athlete