Georgia Lewis

Georgia Lewis
Name  Georgia Lewis
Age 25
Location  South Wales

I am an IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete and I started competing in bikini fitness in 2015 where I won my first show at the UKBFF Nationals. After that I became hooked, I went on to win the British Finals later that year. For me competing isn't just about my body it's made me a stronger person not only physically but mentally too. It's shown me that with a vision, self-belief and hard work you can achieve anything you want in life.

I competed across the world representing the UK at various IFBB events in 2016, I then placed 3rd out of 42 countries at the IFBB European Championships in Santa Susanna and again at the IFBB World Championships in the Dominican Republic.

Since then I have two years out to improve and let my body recover from ongoing injuries that accursed from a car crash back in 2015. None the less my goals have not changed and I will be back competing very soon so I can make my dream of competing on the Olympia stage come true.

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Favourite Exercises


My top training tip for building bigger glutes would be before any leg or glute workout to Pre-exhaust the glute muscles. Try a high-rep, low-weight quick set of activation exercises. A perfect example would be 20 donkey kicks (each leg) using a resistance band or ankle weight, repeat this 5x. Then move onto more heavier compound movements once your glutes are fired up like squats, deadlift and leg press.


When it comes to building a good shoulder cap Its so IMPORTANT to get that mind to muscle connection. When training shoulders it's very easy for your traps to take over if performed incorrectly or the weight is too heavy for you. Start with low weight and really isolate the muscle you are working on then once you get your form right work your way up the weights.


Stretching is something many people leave out of their workout. I cannot stress enough how vital stretching is to your weekly routine. Stretching will significantly decrease the amount of muscle soreness you will experience while increasing your range of motion so you can benefit more from your training. I find in particular if my hamstrings or hip flexors are tight it affects my range of motion during my whole lower body workout.

Try to fit in ten minutes of stretching before or after each workout you do, focusing on all the major muscle groups. You can also do stretching and foam rolling on your rest days while watching tv to help reduce any soreness or tightness you may have.


Be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day and you won't be either. You WILL see progress if you are persistent and have patience. Many people are disheartened and give up after a few days of dieting and training as they don't see the immediate results they expected. My biggest advice would be not to measure your progress against someone else's as no two physiques are exactly the same. While some people may be trying to lose weight, others may be trying to gain it.

Competition Results

1st IFBB National Champion

1st IFBB British Champion

3rd IFBB European Champion

3rd IFBB Europeans

4th IFBB Amateur Olympia Spain