Emi Roberti

Emi Roberti
Name Emi Roberti
Age 41
Location Birmingham

Short BIO – I started my fitness journey at the age of 14, and have always found training rewarding and beneficial to the mind and body. After being involved in many sports at a competitive level my passion and interest in nutrition increased to a point, that my next step was Bodybuilding, where I combined nutrition and training to design an ultimate shape. I am currently competing at an international level, and I also own and run my own gym, where I coach people in bodybuilding.

After so much great success coaching and competing we run EJPRO online coaching design to deliver transformations, contest prep for all classes, nutrition plans, training plans, seminar and we now started to expand into providing training qualifications for all up and coming athletes and people that want to start the fitness career.

Favourite products

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Vita Greens & Fruits
Night Recovery
Omega 3

Favourite Exercises

Hack Squats

Sumo Dead-Lift

Racked Dead-Lift

DB Over Head Barbell Shoulder Press

Competition Results

2019 IFBB Elite Internationals for Barbados and Arnold Classic (invites to compete in)

2019 UKBFF/IFBB South Coast champion Under 80kg

2018 FMC Overall Bodybuilding Champion

2018 FMC Overall Male Model Champion

2018 FMC Pro Status card

2018 2brospro Bodybuilding Master champion Weider cup (UK)

2018 2brospro Bodybuilding U90 3rd place

2018 National Masters champion UKBFF

2017 IFBB World finalist Romania (top 5 finish)

2017 IFBB Arnold Class Spain Barcelona 3rd Under 70kg Body Building

2017 IFBB European finalist in Spain

2017 Nationals Masters Champion

2017 Scottish Master champion