Elly Hudson

Elly Hudson
Name  Elly Hudson
Age 29
Location  Chester

I have competed as a bikini fitness athlete since 2014, reaching the British finals numerous times. My competitive sport has allowed me to compete across several different countries at the likes of the Arnold classics in Madrid and Barcelona. I now compete within the IFBB professional qualifier federation and have recently returned from Romania and Italy securing both 2nd and 3rd place.

I studied a bachelor’s degree in sport science and I am a fulltime personal trainer who runs my own boot camp classes. Along with my full-time job, I am also a stage posing coach who has been trained by Michelle Brannon, who owns the UK’s number one competitive team “Showgirl fitness” since 2013.

I have been a Scitec nutrition athlete for over three years with extensive knowledge about the brand, and their products. Working with Showgirl fitness and Scitec nutrition has allowed me to appear in the likes of Flex magazine, demonstrating my hard work and dedication for the sport and profession. I am currently working hard to gain my professional title within the bikini fitness industry, in hope to one day be able to compete on the Olympia stage in Las Vegas, amongst the best bikini fitness athletes in the world.

Favourite products

100% Whey Protein Professional
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BCAA+Glutamine Xpress
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Mega Kre-Alkalyn
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Night Recovery

Favourite Exercises

Arnold dumbbell press

Sumo Deadlifts 

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts 

Straight arm cable pull down

Competition Results


1st place USN body power classic (Bikini fitness)


2nd place UKBFF national championships (Bikini fitness)

8th place semi-finalist at IFBB Arnold classics Barcelona (Bikini fitness)

3rd place IFBB Diamond cup (Bikini fitness)

1st place UKBFF sugars classic champion (Bikini fitness)


2nd place IFBB pro league Wings of strength show, Romania (Bikini fitness)

3rd IFBB pro league, Venice Italy (Bikini fitness)


Next show, 2bros October (Bikini fitness)