Eddie Bracamontes

Eddie Bracamontes
Name Eddie Bracamontes
Age 30
Location New Jersey

Ainsley Rodriguez’s career in fitness began when she was approached by a supplement company about being a demo girl. The position required her to post her meals and workouts on social media. Embracing the task wholeheartedly, Ainsley took note of social trends and watched her account grow, and grow, and grow.

Today, the Health and Fitness Lifestyle Expert has almost 2 million followers on Instagram. She shares tips on how to stay in shape all year long, workout videos, recipes, supplement advice and an overall message of body positivity.

Ainsley wants to motivate and empower those struggling with their health and body image to break any mental barriers and help them focus on being happy. She believes that self-love and changes on the inside are the first step towards the physical changes people wish to see on the outside.

This mission is the main reason Ainsley joined Team BPI. “Finding a company that cared enough to give back and help others outside of the realm of just sales was truly unique,” she says.

Favourite products

100% Whey Protein* Professional
100% Whey Protein Professional
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100% Whey Isolate*
100% Whey Isolate
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BCAA+Glutamine Xpress
BCAA+Glutamine Xpress
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Scitec Nutrition 100% Plant Protein
100% Plant Protein
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Casein Complex
Casein Complex
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Favourite Exercises

Power Clean

Transverse Lunge with Slider

Single-Leg Squat

Dumbbell Squat Clean to Press

Competition Results

2007 NPC South Carolina, Super Heavyweight – 1st (Overall)

2008 NPC Junior USA, Super Heavyweight – 1st (Overall)

2009 NPC Nationals, Super Heavyweight – 1st (Overall)

2010 IFBB Europa Supershow, Open – 4th

2011 IFBB New York Pro, Open – 11th

2011 IFBB Orlando Show of Champions – 1st

2012 IFBB New York Pro – 1st

2013 (IFBB)

Arnold Classic – 6th

FIBO Power Germany – 1st

New York Pro – 12th

Olympia Weekend – 12th

2014-2015 (IFBB)

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