Cedric „The One” McMillan



2017 Arnold Classic 1st place

2016 Levrone Pro Classic 1st place

Superstar bodybuilder, Cedric McMillan, signs multi-year deal with Scitec Nutrition. His dominant victory at the New York Pro has the entire industry buzzing with excitement. With classic lines and modern muscle, Cedric is a super charged version of the best of bodybuilding’s golden age. He’s already being compared to legends like Lee Haney, 8-time Mr. Olympia, and Serge Nubret.

Cedric has legitimate Mr. Olympia potential and is a phenomenal addition to Team Scitec. In just 3 short years, since turning pro at the 2009 Nationals, McMillan has established himself as a force to be reckoned with among bodybuilding’s elite. Nearly 6’ 2” and 265 pounds onstage, Cedric already possesses the total package rarely seen in bodybuilding. But at only 33, McMillan is just getting warmed up. He’s got the frame, genetics and muscle shape to redefine the parameters of what is possible. Scitec Nutrition is thrilled to welcome Cedric aboard and support him during his exciting journey into the upper echelon of the sport.

McMillan is much more than just a “once in a generation” physique. He’s also full-time active duty in the US Army, based in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Cedric is a leadership instructor and brings that communication expertise to Scitec Nutrition. McMillan will interact with fans and share valuable tips on a regular basis in his upcoming “Q&A” section on the Scitec website and Scitec Facebook pages.

Cedric has achieved the elusive balance rarely achieved. He’s a working man, a family man (married with 3 children) and still manages to excel in the incredibly competitive world of pro bodybuilding. He exemplifies discipline, commitment, consistency and hard work…having fun all the while.