The Ultimate Weight Lifting Power Playlist

The Ultimate Weight Lifting Power Playlist

We’ve talked about how using the tempo (beats per minute) of your favorite music can play a huge part in your performance for running.

Beats can also be a great boost to your weightlifting routine.

We all know the feeling when the perfect song comes on while you’re mid workout. The tempo matches the motion you’re doing, the speed you’re going, and you feel an instant rush of power.

You can harness that power by paying attention to the beats, and matching them to your workout routine. The beauty of weightlifting to beats, is you can really get into a groove with your motion and form which is how it elevates your workout. You are now working more efficiently, making each movement more worthwhile.

Of course, there are other things that come into play - an upbeat song will give you more energy than mellow music - but the magic comes from matching your lifting and lowering motions with each upbeat and downbeat, or each beat on a slower tempo.

How to Use Tempo for Weight Lifting

The speed of your movements during exercise will naturally follow the speed of your music.

Since the most important part about lifting is proper form - it’s important to choose the correct tempo to maintain good form. Slow and steady movements, while engaging the working muscles is the most efficient use of your energy, leading to faster and stronger muscle gain.

Trying to complete exercises as quickly as possible is a waste of your energy - you are likely not engaging your muscles properly, you’re not giving them a chance to strengthen to their full potential and you’re more likely to be injured - yet you’re still doing the same amount of work.

Choosing A Warm Up Tempo

Before lifting, you want to start a 10 minute warm up to get your heart pumping for your workout. This warm up should be a bit faster than you would for a run, which keeps your heart rate up on it’s own. It’s important to get your heart pumping fast enough that it stays elevated through your workout.  

115 - 120 BPM

Between 115 - 120 Beats per minute is the perfect warm up to lifting. Choose an upbeat sing to get you in the mood to move. Think Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Upbeat songs will put a jump in your step.

Choosing a Weightlifting Tempo

You need a tempo that is fast enough to pump you up, whilst slow enough for you to complete each lift and lower motion properly.

Because you should moving slowly and steady regardless of your fitness level or strength (that’s where the weight comes in), it makes it very easy to pinpoint the sweet spot for weightlifting.

130 - 140 BPM

Between 130 and 140 BPM is the optimal speed for weightlifting, giving you the perfect amount of time to lift and lower your weight over 2 beats. Most prefer this speed because you will lift every upbeat and lower every downbeat, creating a nice groove.

70 BPM

If you prefer to workout to a slower tempo, you can cut the beats per minute in half, to 70 BPM, This means you will execute both motions in one beat. Lifting on the beat and lowering again before the next beat.

Choosing a Cool Down Tempo

After your workout, a 5 minute cool down period is needed to bring your heart down slowly. Your heart has been working hard and pulling a full stop on your movement means your heart doesn’t have a chance to get back it’s normal beat. This can lead to dizziness, since your heart is now working even harder to regulate.

115 - 120 BPM

We’re going back to the same tempo as the warm up, but the song choice should be slow, relaxing beats instead of the upbeat music in your warm up. This will help your heart calm down  over the 5 mins

The Ultimate Weight Lifting Playlist

Scitec Playlist on Spotify for Weight Lifting 1 Hour Workout

We’ve put together the perfect playlist for a 1 hour weight lifting workout:

9 Minute Warm Up at 120 BPM

Crabbuckit by K-OS and Billie Jean by MJ are the perfect pre-lift warm up songs. Both have a distinct beat and will help get you in rhythm for the workout songs.

45 Minute Workout at 130 - 140 BPM

45 minutes of upbeat songs to keep your energy up, your heart pumping and movement on beat.

4 Minute Cool Down at 120 BPM

You can’t find a better cool down song than Under Pressure by Queen. - it’s the epitome of chill. The relaxing beat will bring your heart rate down slow and steady.

Check out our Weight Lifting Power Playlist on Spotify and get lifting!