The New Mr Olympia is Scitec Nutrition Athlete Brandon Curry

The New Mr Olympia is Scitec Nutrition Athlete Brandon Curry

Congratulations to Scitec Nutrition Athlete Brandon Curry who was crowned, the new Mr Olympia this weekend at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

In March Brandon came first at the Arnold Classic USA leaving many impressed then with his physique, conditioning and symmetry. He becomes the 15th person to lift the Sandow Trophy. Brandon becomes the 3rd person to win both the Arnold Classic and Mr Olympia in the same season, joining Ronnie Coleman (2001) and Dexter Jackson (2008).

From the start of the competition, Brandon Curry was favourite to win, with Roelly Winklaar, William Bonac, and Dexter Jackson as top contenders. There were some notable absences from the Mr Olympia stage this year. Including; Shawn Rhoden, Phil Heath, who had his eligibility revoked, and Big Ramy. This left the field open for some new winners and others to take centre stage. Hadi Choopan of Iran took third place as well as the “People’s Champion” as voted for by the fans after he managed to secure a visa to compete in the US.

Scitec Nutrition Athlete Cedric McMillian was given a special invite to the competition this year. His obligations with the US Army made it hard for him to compete more and place after he came 4th in the Arnold Classic in March. He placed 7th in the Mr Olympia competition.

IFBB Pro League President Jim Manion said:

“Cedric’s military duties come first, and we completely understand that. We will grant a special invite this year being that those circumstances were out of his control along with our consideration of his notable accomplishments within the IFBB Professional League.”

At Olympia weekend we had several athletes competing!

Brandon Curry - Mr Olympia 1st Place
Cedric McMillan - Mr Olypia 7th Place
Ahmad Ashkanani - 212 Olympia 5th Place
László Mészáros - Invitational Raw Bench Press - Winner
Cristina Pajares - Bikini Olympia 14th Place
Francesca Stoico - Bikini Olympia 16th Place