Our Top Playlists for Tempo Training

Our Top Playlists for Tempo Training

Music has a powerful impact on your workout, especially for running. It’s more than a distraction - we’ve all felt that boost of energy from the right song at the right moment.

There is a physiological reason your body responds so well to music and it all comes down to tempo.

Tempo is calculated by the amount of beats per minute. Every piece of music has a tempo - and so does your heart. When the speed of your heart rate syncs with the speed of your music, you feel like you can run forever.

Training With Tempo

Using different tempos to match your cardio routine can make a huge difference to your speed, endurance, breathing and form. Tempo training can discipline your body to maintain speed over distance and can be a great asset if you’re training for marathons.

As you run, your body starts breaking down fuel for energy - and this metabolic process releases the byproducts lactate and hydrogen ions into your muscles, causing fatigue. You may heard of a lactate threshold - this is your ability to withstand fatigue from lactate.

Tempo training increases your lactate threshold by metabolising oxygen more efficiently. When your heart rate increases, more oxygen is pumped into your muscles, but your muscles don’t necessarily know what to do wit it. Sustaining a tempo pace trains your muscles to use the extra oxygen more efficiently - which counteracts the muscle fatigue and increases your endurance.

Your Tempo

Weather you’re just starting out with cardio or you’re training for a half-marathon, anyone can design a playlist to fit their current tempo. We’ve compiled 6 Spotify playlists that cover 90 bpm to 180 bpm tempo intervals so you can determine which tempo fits you best.

As you run, the goal is to maintain your tempo for 20 minutes. Once you’ve accomplished several 20 minutes runs at your tempo pace without resting, increase your tempo to the next interval.

Start each run with a warm up at 90 bpm for 5 - 10 minutes.

The tempo goal for running is 160 - 180 bpm.

Pro Tip: Warm Up songs also work for 180 bpm, the ultimate goal tempo for running.

Instead of one foot hitting the ground every beat, one foot - the same foot - will hit the ground for every beat.

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Warm Up | 90 BPM

Scitec 90 bpm Spotify Playlist

Playlist Duration: 43 minutes 19 seconds

Brisk Walk | 115 BPM

Scitec 115 bpm Spotify Playlist

Playlist Duration: 38 minutes 57 seconds

Power Walk | 130 BPM

Scitec 130 bpm Spotify Playlist

Playlist Duration: 39 minutes 38 seconds

Jogging | 145 BPM

Scitec 145 bpm Spotify Playlist

Listen: 145 bpm Jogging
Playlist Duration: 39 minutes 39 seconds

Running | 155 BPM

Scitec 155 bpm Spotify Playlist

Listen: 155 bpm Running
Playlist Duration: 38 minutes 44 seconds

Running Goal | 160 - 180 BPM

Scitec 160 -180 bpm Spotify Playlist

Playlist Duration: 38 minutes 50 seconds