Our 2018 Guide to The Best Fitness Apps

Our 2018 Guide to The Best Fitness Apps

You live in a great time for fitness. You have so many options to improve your workout, encourage your progress, and motivate your journey to become fitter.

One of the best examples can be found right in your pocket. Your smartphone has the potential to become your personal fitness coach to walk with you every step of the way as you train to reach your goals.

We’ve broken down some of the best fitness apps out there. We’ve covered all the major categories in health and fitness so you can simply select the goal you are reaching for and download the best app to help you reach it.


Healthy Food

We’re going to start off with your meal tracking and planning. Great bodies are made in the kitchen, so it’s best to start with an app or two that helps you understand the food choices that you make. Keep an eye on what you put in your mouth and get the data t back up your meal choices.


To begin, we can’t pass up  the calorie-counting classic, MyFitnessPal. You can track everything you eat simply by searching the app’s vast database of foods. Ate pizza? Log it. Had some cheese and crackers? Put it in there.

MyFitnessPal also keeps track of all the nutritional values of the food you eat, shows you your target calorie count, and graphs your macronutrient levels.


LoseIt! is a very simple, free food tracker that does only what you need it to do. You can buy the premium version for custom challenges, goals, and syncing with your fitness tracker , but the free version is enough to handle all your food tracking needs. It’s painless to add foods and even keeps a shortcut to the foods you often track.

At a glance, LoseIt shows you everything you need to know in one page. Just a glimpse during the day will tell you how your diet is going and what you need to know.


We love this app because it sets you up with everything you need  to succeed. Choose your favourite recipes, upload the ingredients to your shopping list, and put it on the calendar to plan a week or a month’s worth of meals at one time.

You can also remember what you have in your pantry as you update the inventory section of FoodPlanner. It’s going to challenge you to be more organized with your meals, so it’s meant for those of you that want extreme discipline with their eating habits.

Eat This Much

Tell this app your goals and your target calorie levels, and it will do the rest for you. Most people don’t have a good grasp on their diets so a simple app like EatThisMuch makes that extremely easy to understand.

If you want to be told what to do, this app will work for you. It’s going to autogenerate an entire week’s worth of meals based on your specific goals and tell you exactly what to eat and when.

If your goal is to cut fat, build muscle, or simply eat healthy, this app will tell you EXACTLY what to eat and when.  

Strength Training

Male body builder lifting barbells

Now let’s talk about your training.. Let’s upscale your game by showing the best strength training apps to work on your form, your physique, and the movements you should be doing in the gym.

21-Day Shred

Think you can transform your body in 3 weeks? That what the 21-day Shred app promises. Put together by a Men’s Fitness Digital Director, this app is great for the newcomer and the experienced pro. It provides you with exercises that bulk you up, trim down fat, and make your muscles pop.

It’s not going to give you easy exercises, but that’s how it can promise incredible results in such a short time.


The pro version of this app is loaded with exercises and the proper form to do all of them. Jefit crafts a great workout that you can set to your needs. You can create an entire calendar  (including the rest days) so you know exactly when Leg day is coming up and can prepare for it. J

efit has such a wide range of weight exercises and keeps track of them with a simple tracking log that graphs your progress and marks your max weights for each one.


man running on empty highway

As an essential part of any workout, your cardiovascular health depends on some blood-pumping movements. We’ve collated a couple of the best cardio apps to keep your heart rate chugging and your body moving, Keep track of all types of data along the way and work to improve your cardio health.  


Cardio exercises can become so tired and routine. Sometimes, you need a little challenge to keep yourself motivated. That’s the premise of Endomondo, a fitness tracker that makes your cardio fun again. Once you’ve selected one of the 58 preloaded activities (like scuba diving or mountain biking) you can do your cardio exercise like normal. The GPS feature will map your path and chart your rests as well. The audio coach feature is also great for pushing you beyond your previous time and to reach for a new PB.


C25K stands for “Couch to 5 Kilometre”, so it’s no wonder it’s been rated the best “Get Off the Couch” app. It takes you along a progress to eventually get you running a 5K run without stopping, even if you’ve never ran before. Runners value this app and it’s progress bar. Beginners love the very easy entry into the world of running for cardio exercises.

The app promises that 8 weeks from now, no matter who you are, you will be running a 5K run. Not too shabby.

Home Workouts

woman working out in the park using a picnic table


Nobody can get to the gym every day. Snow days, car troubles and time constraints all pull you away from your fitness centre. Stay on top of your fitness right at home with apps that are designed to work all your muscles with very minimal equipment. These home workout apps are incredible for all those times when you are tempted to say, “I can’t be bothered today”.


Do you have just 10 minutes free in a day? That’s OK because Sworkit can work with that. You simply take this app, tell it the kind of workouts you need (strength, yoga, cardio, or some stretching) and it will give you a workout right at home. Anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, Sworkit tailors a workout that is challenging, fun, and always varied. We all have at least 5 minutes in our day, so what’s your excuse?


Fitstar by FitBit is described as the fitness trainer in your pocket. For a  monthly fee of £3.25, you get access to a personal audio coach that you can use anywhere you are. It has a wide range of workouts and works in conjunction with other fitness apps like MyFItnessPal and your FItBit.

Look, the price is high. But the reward is worth it if you find yourself stuck for options and can’t get to the gym. As an overall fitness app, this is probably one of the best we’ve seen, but you have to be willing to do the work. It even learns the more you use it. As you do a workout, it asks how you felt and based on your stats, creates progressively harder and more challenging workouts.

That’s why we truly love this app as your very own pocket personal trainer.  


Man running while listening to music


And lastly, what workout would be complete without some jams to keep you moving. If there’s one song that is going to push you through that last rep, it’s “If You Wanna Be My Lover” by the Spice Girls.

Not your jam? Alright, well then make your own playlist with these apps that provide you with your own taste in workout beats.


Many music apps offer features like live streaming, downloading songs, and making playlists. RockMyRun is no exception. It does just about everything you need and has a music catalogue that’s specifically for working out and keeping you motivated. No slow songs here.

But what sets this apart from other music apps is the BPM rate. You can sync your phone’s accelerometer to the beat, which means that you can get songs that have beats lining up with your footfalls. Keep on pace by listening to the music’s beats and have an endlessly refreshing playlist that speeds up and slows down with you.  


This is just a classic, and one we can’t not include on this list. Spotify is the world’s leading music aggregator, allowing you to make your own playlists or listen to someone else’s playlist. Spotify even learns the songs you like and suggests startlingly accurate alternatives that you might also enjoy. Spotify Running is a feature that allows you to find songs that sync up to your pace. But if you want to listen to Enya and find that motivates you to keep moving, you’ll have that here too.

Your Top Fitness App Guide

As you work on your fitness, you’re never stuck for options to help you along the way. We want you to succeed and these apps work alongside your goals to push you along.

These apps are tapped in to your goals and provide that motivation and encouragement that you need to reach your goals. No matter what you want to get out of the gym, there’s an app for that.