Awesome Affordable Fitness Tech

Awesome Affordable Fitness Tech

When it comes to working out and sticking to it, it can be tough. It takes dedication, persistence, time and overall lifestyle changes. But there are many things we can do to help make this process easier AND more fun - like working out with a buddy or having someone to talk to and share your journey with.

Using fitness techs to help monitor your progress and motivate you to stay on track has also become a huge game-changer for people in recent years.

We’re going to look at several of the best (and most affordable) fitness tech pieces you can pick up to take your fitness journey to the next level.

Why Use Fitness Tech?

One major benefit to utilising fitness tech is the ability to help monitor your progress. In the early stages of working out, or even if you’re deep into it, it can be tough to see changes or understand how your body is improving. In understanding your body’s improvements and you’re responding to certain exercises, you can tailor your plans and see maximum benefits.

Apps are also a fantastic way to use tech to help you reach your workout goals. You can read all about them in our 2018 fitness app blog post.


runner wearing headphones

Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear

If you’re looking for an in-ear pair of headphones that offer some seriously awesome sound (and bass!) at a reasonable price, look no further than these Powerbeats3. They’re wireless, so you won’t get tangled up in the gym lifting weights or caught on your arm running. A great break-away from over-ear alternatives that get super sweaty during a workout.

At £169.95 for a pair of these awesome headphones you can be sure you’re getting some great bang for your buck.

>Visit beatsbydre

Sony MDR-XB70Ap Extra Bass

The Sony Extra Bass headphones are also lightweight, in-ear headphones with great sound quality but at a much, much cheaper price than the Powerbeats. If you’re looking for a headphone upgrade with more bass these could certainly suit your needs.

And at this price you can likely not worry too much about losing them or even getting them a little banged up. For £50, you can’t really go wrong with these solid headphones by Sony.    

>Visit Sony

Fitness Trackers

Fitness Tracker

Wearable tech that tracks your fitness goals is a great investment if you’re looking to get serious with your exercise progress. You don’t have to break the bank to get a good quality fitness tracker, either. We’re going to take a look at three awesome fitness trackers that you can pick up to strap on to take your workout to the next level.

Moov Now

Arguably one of the best wearable movement trackers out there, the Moov Now has a long-lasting battery life, accurate tracking and comes at an affordable cost.

At around £46 you can be sure to get some seriously good value. It has the ability to track your movements beyond daily steps and calories so you can get personalised feedback on your training.

>Visit Moov

Huawei Band 2 Pro

This piece comes in a little more expensive than the Moov Now but offers fantastic features that make the price increase worth it. Its step counter is very accurate and the sleek, slim design makes it comfortable and unobtrusive.

At around £60 this device will serve you well at a reasonable price.

>Visit Huawei

Garmin Vivofit 4

This device is also around £60 and will serve you well with its long-lasting battery life, colour screen and reliable data. It includes basic stats like steps, calories and sleep, but also automatic activity detection. This intuitive fitness tracker is one you don’t want to pass up.

>Visit Garmin

Clothing & Tools

running shoes


Under Armour Gemini 3 RE Smart Shoes

Another great piece of truly wearable tech are the Under Armour Gemini 3 RE Smart Shoes. These puppies will record data about your fitness without having to worry about wearing anything extra on your wrist or chest. If you’re worried you might break your tech, you need not worry about these. They’re durable shoes that are truly integrated into your system. You won’t even notice you’re monitoring your fitness!

They record running metrics, steps, and other pieces of useful data. And they won’t bust your bank either, coming in around £60 in most stores. So if you’re looking for an affordable piece of tech that you don’t even notice, check these out!

>Visit Under Armour

Naboso Yoga Mat

When it comes to yoga, you might not think too much about tech. It’s a type of exercise rooted in old practices designed to make you listen to your body’s natural signals and signs. But, if you are looking for tech to help improve your yoga form and practices, the Naboso Yoga Mat could be your answer.

This mat has been designed with stability in mind. According to Naboso, many current mats can decrease stability because the material they use doesn’t necessarily agree with the proprioceptors in feet and hands.  

The Naboso Yoga Mat uses small nerve proprioceptive material that can stimulate parts of your skin in your hands and feet to help your stability. It’s lightweight, travel-friendly and has an interesting and unique texture that truly does help you achieve difficult poses and inversion that call for increased stability.

>Visit NabosoTechnology


Sometimes tech can help with recovery that’s needed after exercise or minor injury. FireFly is a unique tool used to help aid such recovery. It’s portable, doesn’t have any complex wire systems or bindings, and can be worn behind the knee during any activity. Painless electrical impulses are gently delivered to the muscles of the lower leg to increase blood circulation.

The FireFly is clinically proven to help sports recovery and can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, and will cost you around £30.

>Visit RecoveryFireFly

Big Ticket Time

Myontec Mbody3 Connected Shorts

To show you just how serious you can get when it comes to fitness tech, we’ve included this one, big ticket item that would seriously kick your fitness up a notch.

At around £851, the Myontec Mbody3 Connected Shorts are as comprehensive and advanced as a training system can be. Designed for and used by cyclists, duathletes and triathletes, these shorts can measure and break down heart rate information, keep tabs on muscle activity using electromyography and more. All this information is sent to your smartphone so you can keep a close tab on exactly what is happening to your body during exercise and workout.

>Visit Myontec

Be Techie

You don’t need to break the bank to upgrade your training gear. Motivation is the biggest factor for people pushing toward their fitness goals or throwing in the towel and calling it quits. Keeping tabs on your progress will help you see the changes more clearly than stepping on the scale every day. Not to mention - making an investment in your fitness (even a small one) will help to make the commitment more real!

So go ahead, get yourself some tech to take your fitness journey to the next level - whether it’s a better listening system to keep you pumped during your workouts or a fitness tracker to keep tabs on you.

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