How Fat Burners Really Work

How Fat Burners Really Work

Fat burners – the magic secret for weight loss and your dream body, right?

Well, yes and no…

It’s true that fat burners can play an important role in helping you get the most out of your weight loss plan, but it’s important to remember that fat burners alone won’t get you there.

So, if you had visions of taking a fat burner pill and then settling down to consume a family-sized packet of crisps while enjoying the latest film… while the weight simply drops off -think again!

But they can work. These dietary supplements are known to be highly effective - but only when used correctly.

Below, we’ve cleared up any myths and hear-say about these magic-like supplements and shed some real light on how fat burners can truly help you reach your weight loss goals.  

What Are Fat Burners?

Put simply, fat burners are a nutritional supplement which aids weight loss by increasing your energy, reducing your appetite, stimulating your metabolism and even increasing core temperature. All of this helps you to potentially burn more calories than you consume.

To achieve weight loss, ultimately you must increase your total calorie deficit (the difference between the number of calories you consume to the number of calories you burn). The bottom line is, the bigger your calorie deficit, the more weight you lose.

So, are fat burners the magic answer? Well, not exactly.

Fat burners are designed to be taken alongside a low-calorie diet plan and a regular workout regime. When combined with these two things, they support weight loss by actively breaking down fatty acids into the bloodstream and using these as an energy source. Without exercise and a calorie-controlled diet, fat released into the bloodstream is still fat and not going anywhere.

It’s the process of burning the fatty acids which results in weight loss. They also give you more energy to use in the gym, making your workouts all the more powerful - without you even noticing.

Key Ingredients

Here’s a run through of some of the most effective fat burner ingredients found on the market today.

Green Tea

No longer just a refreshing hot drink, green tea is proven to have many health benefits – from being an excellent source of cancer-fighting antioxidants to promoting weight loss. This fantastic metabolism booster is well-known for its slimming qualities and its natural ability to suppress appetites - especially when paired with caffeine and exercise.

For a healthy dose of green tea, try the hunger-reducing, Restyle. This powerful fat burner is packed full of 11 stimulating ingredients, including green tea, cayenne pepper extract and caffeine.


As well as being a mild appetite suppressant, caffeine is also highly effective at accelerating fat loss by increasing the release of body fats which are then used for energy.

Having a caffeine hit before the gym will also give you that extra power and stamina for your workout, increasing your overall calorie burn and muscle strength.

Turbo Ripper, a highly potent fat burner, has a clever combination of caffeine and green tea extract which increases metabolism by providing a slow caffeine release over 4 hours.

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Cayenne Pepper Extract

This powerful extract has many potential health benefits, from reducing appetite to lowering blood pressure. It also increases metabolism and your core temperature, causing more calories to be used.

L-Carnitine Tartrate

L-Carnitine Tartrate, an amino acid, promotes the use of fatty acids which aid weight loss as well as increases energy levels and overall health. This has proven to be an excellent supplement to take pre-workout as it has been found to improve performance in exercise.

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee bean is a very popular ingredient in many fat burners. Like green tea, green coffee beans are packed full of healthy antioxidants while also being proven to increase weight loss and lower blood pressure.

Supplements such as the Green Coffee Complex are fantastic for their blood pressure reducing qualities, which help to manage and reduce the rate your body forms and breaks down fat.


A key ingredient in many weight loss pills, CLA (short for Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a type of fatty acid normally found in meat and dairy products -particularly grass-fed cows. Widely used in fat burners, CLA stimulates the metabolism by increasing oxygen consumptions. After all, fat is not burnt off - it is oxidised off through breathing.

Get Maximum Results

Image of back of woman lifting two barbells

Clearly, these little pills have potential but how can you get maximum results? Here we take a closer look at exactly how and when to take fat burners.

The Power of Three

A common mistake many people make is expecting too much from their fat burner supplements and then finding themselves disappointed. The truth is, a single supplement is not the whole answer to your weight loss goal - although it certainly has a role to play.

Making weight loss happen will depend on 3 things: diet, exercise and the fat burner itself. The part which will have the biggest impact on your weight loss is always going to be your diet which will account for around 80% of your success. Exercise and fat burners will account for the other 20%.

Dramatic results do take time, will-power and hard work. Additionally, losing weight too quickly can mean you’re actually losing muscle, not just fat.  Aim to lose around 1-2 pounds a week to maintain a healthy weight loss and set yourself short-term manageable goals.

Eating Right

Even when reducing portion sizes, don’t slack on your protein intake. Many studies show that those on a higher protein diet lose more weight over time than those just on a low-calorie diet.  Protein is a key part of weight loss as it increases your metabolism and reduces your appetite. When aiming to lose weight you should increase your protein intake to 30% of your overall calorie intake.

Timing is Everything

Be clever about exactly when you take your pill. Getting your timings right will give your supplement the best chance at aiding weight loss. Fat burners are designed to raise energy levels so taking it at a time in the day where you need an extra lift will give the biggest impact and increase your metabolism. This may be at a mid-point in the day or you might choose to take it for before a workout session.

Other than energy boosting qualities, fat burners also can reduce your appetite. For maximum benefit try taking them in between meals to suppress your appetite and delay hunger.

Be careful if you’re thinking of taking fat burners late in the evening. Sleep is an important part of weight loss as it helps to increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite the next day. Taking your supplement too late could over-stimulate you and result in poor quality sleep, counteracting the benefits of the fat burner. The best idea is to aim to take your supplement before 6pm.

Too Much of a Good Thing

When it comes to supplements - always read the label. They are cleverly designed to give your body just the right amount of what it needs to get maximum results. Increasing your dose and taking more than the recommended amount will not increase your results.

Check out these tips to make you sure you’re taking the correct dosages:

  • Some supplements will suggest more than one serving size. When beginning a course of fat burners, it is recommended to always take the minimum dose at first and stick to that dose for two to three weeks. This gives the supplement a chance to really work and provide results. If you don’t see any continued improvements, you can always increase this, especially if the packaging gives an alternative serving suggestion.
  • Supplements are not a permanent solution – they are a short-term enhancement to help you to reach your weight loss goals. Most supplements give you guidelines on how long to take them for. If you go over this recommended time period it is possible that your body will simply adapt to this continued stimulant, making the fat burner ineffective. Even just 1-2 weeks off can really help your body to readjust, allowing you to later gain the benefits of the stimulant again.
  • Don’t fall for the mistake of adding extra caffeine to your diet on top of taking fat burners.  Too much stimulant can not only be bad for your heart, but a high level of caffeine consumption can also leave you tired and drained by the end of the day. Additionally, too much caffeine, combined with a diet supplement, can end up over-stimulating your body and cancelling the positive impact of the fat burner.

Just remember - fat burners won’t do all the work for you but if you want extra help in suppressing appetite, raising energy levels and even improving mood, fat burners could be the answer.

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